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Posted on:November 5, 2023

Thonga Beach Lodge hosts Food Trail South Africa and let’s face it – good food (and of course love ❤️) makes the world go round.

At Thonga Beach Lodge we believe it’s the infusion of exceptional natural surroundings with impeccable food that distinguishes a luxury lodge experience. For this reason, we take great pride in our culinary offering which aims to showcase regional flavours and incorporate fine, locally sourced ingredients while fostering a sense of exclusivity and indulgence making our guests feel truly spoilt. The innovative and delectable cuisine created by our own Chef Carl and his team, not only satisfies the appetite but also ignites the senses, helping to create unforgettable memories.

Thonga Beach Lodge Beach Deck Views. Photo credit: @tobymurphy_photography
Photo credit: @tobymurphy_photography

We’re clearing not the only ones who think that incredible settings help to create incredible food. We recently had the privilege of a visit from another avid foodie in the form of chef and food stylist, Warren Mendes, who cooked up a spicy storm while filming for a production entitled Food Trail: South Africa, which recently aired on Australia’s Channel10, tantalising tastebuds all the way on the other side of the Indian ocean and beyond.

@warrenmendes with our Thonga Beach Lodge kitchen staff member crushing peanuts in the traditional way. Photo credit: @tobymurphy_photography
Photo credit: @tobymurphy_photography
@warrenmendes cooking up a storm at Thonga Beach Lodge Photo credit: @tobymurphy_photography

Apart from immersing himself in the intriguing marine world of Thonga Beach Lodge on our open ocean safari, Warren also delved into the many unique traditional local ingredients and worked them into several scrumptious creations, drawing additional inspiration from the idyllic coastal setting.

We are thrilled to now be able to share these two highly entertaining TV segments with everyone, showcasing the exquisite natural beauty of our little corner of KwaZulu-Natal beach paradise within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park. Enjoy! 

Food Trail South Africa – at THONGA BEACH LODGE – part 1
Food Trail South Africa – at THONGA BEACH LODGE – part 2

Show hosted by @warrenmendes
Produced by @projucer
Principle partner of Food Trail South Africa: @southafricaanz
Photo credits: @tobymurphy_photography


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