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Posted on:September 25, 2014

The local school, Mabibi Primary, is near and dear to all at Thonga Beach Lodge. The lodge provides R 1 500 worth of food on a monthly basis, which gives each child a meal 3 times a week. The photograph shows Bheki from Thonga Beach Lodge passing on food supplies to teachers at the school.

Last December German company Diamonde decided that instead of giving presents to each other they would donate money to a worthy cause. They donated R4 500 which Thonga used to purchase software to enable the children at the school to use their previously donated computers to aid their learning. A South African software company donated free support for the software and Thonga marketing staff assisted with the installation.

Recently guests Lutz and Claudia Burbulla did a cultural tour and came back wanting to donate money to assist the school in a way that they needed most. They were very moved by the children’s happy faces and wanted to contribute in some way financially. Guests Matthias and Sabrina Finkbeiner from Germany also did cultural tour and decided that they would like to buy a printer for the teachers use at the school, as speaking to the teachers it appeared as this would be hugely appreciated. Sabrina is a teacher in Germany and they both felt they wanted to help in some way. Sabrina will be telling her students how the Mabibi schools work and especially telling them about the many miles the children walk to get to school.


Mabibi Primary School Computer Room

Excitement about the new computer room


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