Sundownersoverlooking the largest lake in Southern Africa

Say cheers to the sun after another perfect day in Africa. Lake Sibaya is a perfect spot to watch an iconic sunset over southern Africa’s largest freshwater lake, just 6km and a 25 minute drive away. Enjoy your favourite drink and some tasty snacks as dusk welcomes the wild’s nightshift.

The lake’s diverse flora provides a variety of habitats for birds, mammals and aquatic life. Research reveals that hundreds of years ago, the lake was connected to the sea. When the estuary closed naturally, numerous fish and aquatic creatures were trapped in a freshwater environment, creating a biological treasure chest.

Lake Sibaya contains the second largest population of hippopotamus and crocodile in KwaZulu-Natal and is an important breeding, feeding and roosting area for a host of bird species. Surface water in the surrounding coastal plain often disappears completely during dry spells, making the lake the only source of permanent water for birds and mammals.


  • Complimentary experience
  • Chance of seeing Hippos
  • Largest freshwater lake in Southern Africa
  • Prolific birdlife around the lake