Ocean Safarian open ocean experience

This adventure activity offers guests a rare opportunity to experience the variety of marine life that lives along the Elephant Coast. An exciting launch through the surf, in front of the lodge, takes you beyond the breakers where you spend approximately an hour experiencing the beauty of the ocean and enjoying the scenery of our beautiful coastline, where dolphins and whales swim freely.

We like to think of our Open Ocean Experience as an “ocean safari” or “game drive on the sea”. Depending on sea conditions guests may have the opportunity of snorkeling off one of our shallow reefs. If mother nature decides to give you a special treat you may see bottlenose or spinner dolphins, manta rays and giant sea turtles.
What makes the trip so special, is that we are the only operator launching this far north, so our reefs are in pristine condition and it is just our boat out at sea.


  • Chance to see dolphins & whales
  • Ocean safari

important notes:

  • We regret no children under 12 years or adults over 65 years can take part in the Open Ocean Experience.
  • No experience is required for this activity, but the launch through the surf can be strenuous.
  • The trip is limited to a maximum number of 10 guests
  • This activity is weather and tide dependent and lasts approximately one hour
  • There is an additional charge for this activity.
  • To get to our reefs, we start with a shore entry boat launch. This is a normal boat launch procedure for this part of the coastline and for most guests, probably the first time they will have experienced a launch of this nature. It is exciting and adventurous however the launch can be strenuous, so a reasonable level of fitness is required.
  • Since we are exploring a natural environment, sightings of specific species are not guaranteed.